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What is SEO and How Can it Benefit Me?

What is SEO and How Can it Benefit Me?

SEO, or "Search Engine Optimization", is becoming more and more important as consumers do business online. In the abstract, it simply means that you're making sure your results show up as high on a search engine as possible. 

How can SEO Benefit My Business?

Regardless of your industry, it's likely that consumers are searching for businesses like yours near them. Search Engine Optimization is simply the process of ensuring that they're able to find you most easily. SEO controls where search results show up in the search engine ranking, and the better your SEO is, the higher you'll be when a potential customer searches.

SEO Factors

SEO is driven by a number of factors. Some are obvious, and some are less so. For example, the title of a page and its first couple sentences factor heavily into search results. Additionally, search engines analyze the links on your site to get an idea of how your web interface is structured. The engine then factors that into the search results, doing its best to ensure that users get the most pertinent results at the top of the list.

Other SEO Factors include:

  • Meta Description: The meta description of a website is what comes up in the search results under the title of the website. In addition to informing users about your site, it gives search engines a good idea what your site is about and factors heavily into the SEO algorithm.
  • Subheadings: Since your page already has a title, you can use subheadings (H2, H3, etc) to differentiate major parts of the page from the text within them. Each section should have its own subheading, and the descriptions of those subheadings will influence the search results.
  • Alt Tags & Image Names: When you upload or link an image on your website, the file you're pointing to has a file name, even if it's not visible on the page. This allows Google (or any search engine) to reflect that your site is relevant to a search based on the names of the images on your site.

The Bottom Line


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